Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let There be Light!

Despite my many murmurs of doubt, Stephen proved that he can indeed install lighting.  I was just worried he would burn the house down or electrocute himself.  I grew up thinking my dad was pretty handy (I don't remember a lot of repair men around the house) but installing your own lighting (where none previously existed) seemed a little beyond normal homeowner capabilities (in my head).  So wrong!  Stephen made it look easy.  I told my friends when he threw the switch the first time it was like he had invented fire!  I am in awe.

Our old dining room light- wood base!  So 1970's and such yellow light

New dining room lights

The light (and lack thereof) we used to deal with in the living room

with the new overhead lights on!  and proud installer (that's track lighting to the right)

These 2 pendant lights match the dining room lights- they are little orange for us, we may change to white or yellow
He has also replaced all our hall lighting with recessed lighting- it's so nice!  We are getting our feet wet in do-it-youself home remodel, floors are next!


Nicole Kesten said...

Love this. Stephen is sooo handy

pillowgram said...

Great job on the lights Stephen! What a difference they make.

Alyssa said...

Looks fantastic - nice job.

Maria Kelsey-Palmer said...

Wow- what a transformation- and it must be even better in real life! I can't see all the room, but i love the pop of orange colour! Move over Nate Berkus! xx

Beth said...

Very good.

Steve and Nancy said...

These new lights look great. We saw them in April and were very impressed. Good work Stephen!