Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let There be Light!

Despite my many murmurs of doubt, Stephen proved that he can indeed install lighting.  I was just worried he would burn the house down or electrocute himself.  I grew up thinking my dad was pretty handy (I don't remember a lot of repair men around the house) but installing your own lighting (where none previously existed) seemed a little beyond normal homeowner capabilities (in my head).  So wrong!  Stephen made it look easy.  I told my friends when he threw the switch the first time it was like he had invented fire!  I am in awe.

Our old dining room light- wood base!  So 1970's and such yellow light

New dining room lights

The light (and lack thereof) we used to deal with in the living room

with the new overhead lights on!  and proud installer (that's track lighting to the right)

These 2 pendant lights match the dining room lights- they are little orange for us, we may change to white or yellow
He has also replaced all our hall lighting with recessed lighting- it's so nice!  We are getting our feet wet in do-it-youself home remodel, floors are next!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thanksgiving, Odessa's baptism and Christmas

These are out of order and way overdue, but I got them on at least- finally!  Supposed to be cleaning out the computer room, so you can see why I would rather do this.
Odessa's birthday party was at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts.  Pretty fun!  Here she is trying out the trapeze
Big 8th birthday!

She chose to be baptized in the LDS church because she is old enough now.  Stephen baptized her.

So glad both sets of grandparents and my sister and her family were here for the baptism and Thanksgiving!

Playing in the little snow on our Christmas tree hunt

We bagged a nice one!


Cousins table!

Snowflake lane in Bellevue is fun but CRAZY the day after Thanksgiving

Christmas ships- they broadcast caroling from the ships and sail around the lakes and pull up to docks and beaches- super fun Seattle tradition we finally got in on this year

One morning of snow- they made the most of it!

late arrival for school and Stephen was off work anyway!

Christmas Eve with the Romneys- so cute
After Santa had been here, twinkling affect by my new smart phone.  Awsome

Point No Point- loved this place!  Went on a little hike after the New Year

love this view, coming in at night on the ferry

Been saving up for Glow Pets all year.  Turns out they want to sneakily read in the dark with them!  Santa didn't know . . . 

Wool dress shirt- true story.  I backed Wool and Prince on Kickstarter

Wool sweater from Norway- and he got wool military pants for camping.  It was a woolly Christmas for Stephen!

Franklin got some trains for Christmas from Grandpa and Grandma Hunt

Monday, December 23, 2013

My jobs

So I have been a jack of all trades lately and realized that not many people know what I do or much about it.  For over a year I have worked with the catering company Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes as an on-call server.  I work 2-3 nights a month, either Friday or Saturday night. Click here HERE to see a picture of me posted in the recent newsletter.
 The company caters some very big events around the city and I have gotten to see some pretty amazing things- I worked the (now elected) Mayor's wedding this summer, a gorgeous wedding on a rolling estate that included floating lanterns (ala Tangled), galas and auctions with 400-500 guests and 200+ guest Christmas parties in mansions.  We did a corporate Christmas party in the Smith Tower- glass windows gave us amazing views of Mount Rainier in the South and the Space Needle (dwarfed by downtown) on the north. My video from that night won't load, but here are some photos I found online that show what the room is like with the views- our party looked a lot like this.  The most "fun" part about the Smith Tower is that the very old, ornate brass elevator has to be run by an attendant- old school style!

More recently, I started taking care of a 3 month old in October.  Her mother wanted her in-home for a few months.  In late February, she will transfer to a daycare with her older brother.  I watch her around 45 hours a week.  It has made my life crazy in so many ways and shown me a glimpse of what having a 4th would be like.  Now there is even less chance that I will have another!  lol

I've also been lucky to do some research studies that pay well and even been a secret shopper for a local bank- I go in and pretend I am shopping banks for various services and then write up my experience.

I have felt very blessed to have the opportunities to work and generate some extra income.  This Christmas has been our best ever, by far.
I have learned a lot about myself and other people and what makes the world spin.  I work with some really fun people and also see the dark side of some others.  I see so starkly that my Mormon standards are so very, very far removed from most people's and I cherish those standards much more now.  I may be a freak among the staff, but I am glad I can express my standards and be an example of someone who can live strict standards and still be fun to be around.  I also am shown time and time again the destructive nature of alcohol and people's actions when under the influence of alcohol.  My testimony of these things have dramatically increased over the last year!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall 2013

Since Franklin has already climbed up to look at the calendar and asked when we can "go house to house"  (trick or treating) again, I guess it's time I post some pics of Halloween and fall in general.
pumpkin patch

Hay bale spiders were so cute!

Our friends came to the ward Halloween party- their engineer dad made these amazing dragon costumes- the wings went up!

church mouse- he surprised us all with his costume- it kind of freaked me out until I realized it was because he looks like a character from Maus

Thomas the Tank Engine

The girls were "Bookoween" characters- at school if they want to dress up, it needs to be from a book.  Odessa was Fire Star from Warrior Cats series and Ada was Laura Ingalls.  On Halloween, Franklin was a monkey.  Look at those cheeks!!

Odessa has LOVED soccer and did pretty well for her first year

Our maiden voyage with the Port-a-bote

It's bigger than it looks, I promise

He did an awesome job rowing all 5 of us, but I still think we should get a little engine

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sweet tooth

We got out Halloween stuff tonight.  In the costumes box is my old lab coat.  I put it on and told the girls "Mom used to wear this to work everyday".  Their eyes got wide because of course they have never imagined me as anything but Mom.
Me:  Yep, I worked at a hospital, I'm a dietitian (in case you forgot).
Odessa:  (narrowing her eyes and tilting her head at me) Then why do you have a sweet tooth and get cavities?
Me:  (no answer)

Touche my dear- especially since I was working a mini snickers out of my teeth!

PS- the interest in IKEA play place and potty lasted all of 2 days.  Maybe he's just not ready . . .

Friday, October 18, 2013

IKEA potty training plan

When Odessa was little, we went to IKEA and she begged to go into their awesome play area, complete with ball pit.  I told her the rules at IKEA are that you have to be potty trained to go in.  We went right home and started working on it.  Worked like a charm and as a reward, she got to go back to IKEA some months later when she was wearing undies and not having accidents.
Ada needed no such inducement- she just wanted to be like Odessa and trained within a year after her.
Franklin doesn't have much interest in toilets or potty training- much less than the girls at this age.  So when we were in IKEA this week (I make about 2 trips a year), I walked him all around the amazing play area.

Me:  That looks like fun, doesn't it?
Franklin:  I want to go in there!
Me:  Look at that ball pit!
Franklin:  I want to go in der!!
Me:  I know, it looks so fun!  They even have a playhouse!
Franklin:  I WANT to go in der!!
Me:  Guess what?  You CAN go in there when you go potty in the toilet and wear underwear!  You have to go potty all the time in the toilet before you can go in there.  Do you think we could work on that?
Franklin:  Oh yes!

Hopefully it will work as well this time as it did last time!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

"I'M the Boy!"

A while ago the girls had already gotten down from the table and were in the hallway discussing some dancing roles.
"I'm the boy" one of them said, deciding who would stand where.
Franklin was still at the table, finishing his meal, but when he heard this comment, he immediately struggled to get out of his booster seat.  "Hey!" he shouted "I'M the boy!  I'm the boy!" he kept yelling.  I thought it was only proper that I let him down to claim his rightful role.  So he barged into their play and made them dance with him, the right way.

Franklin IS the boy.  He loves all boy things and I never knew I would be asked "Pwease draw me a car?" over and over and over.  "Now a twuck!  Now a dump twuck!  Now a motorcycle!"  What a strange thing- to draw cars and trucks when I am used to drawing flowers and ponies and kittens and princesses.

I never knew I would enjoy pointing out every fire truck, bus and train we pass.  I get him down from the table and rush him out the door to watch the garbage trucks collect our stuff.  Every other Wed, he strikes gold: 3 trucks come over the course of the morning to collect garbage, recycling and compost.  Often the drivers wave and honk their horn.  I am almost as ecstatic as Franklin.  It's unreal.

I never knew I would cave almost every time he gets his heart set on a baggie of cars from the thrift store.  The other day he saw an advertisement for Chevron that had one of those cartoon Chevron cars.  He loved it.  On a whim, I started looking online for those Chevron cars.  The next thing I knew, I was driving 30 minutes South to buy a bin of 27 Chevron cars from a lady who buys abandoned storage units.  They were priced at a fraction of those on ebay.

He sits at the head of the table and demands milk and throws his green beans.  When Stephen tries to scowl at him, Franklin quips "Daaaad don't be maaaaad".  HE'S the boy and he acts like King and YES we will have a real problem on our hands someday.   But for right now I just smother him with kisses and then draw him another car.

Birthday boy- got a dump truck for the sand box

Hiding his eyes for his big birthday surprise

It's a bike!

He's gotten better since his birthday, but we're still a ways from gliding down the street!

Notoriously bad at eating dinner, he liked crisp tacos!

He just only ate one side . . . 

Another Craigslist find- he loves the Wee Ride!

Birthday ice cream

Cold teeth!!
Update:  Since writing this post, Franklin has dissolved into a terrible two year old capable of making everyone's lives quite miserable!  So we've had to set some boundaries and work on behavior!  The King needs to learn how to play nicely as a little prince.